The gastric balloon, the newest FDA approved procedure for weight loss, is garnering a lot of interest among people looking for alternatives to weight loss surgery. Dr. Shawn Garber of New York Bariatric Group was one of the first in the U.S. to offer this procedure. As the surgeon with the most gastric balloon experience in the U.S. since its FDA approval, Dr. Garber is seeing dramatic weight loss in his patients.

Dr. Garber explains, “We were very excited to be one of the first practices in the USA offering this non-surgical procedure. As part of a 12 month comprehensive program, patients are losing significant weight and learning to keep the weight off. Additionally, patients who may have been hesitant to have surgery or simply weren’t candidates for surgery now have a non surgical weight loss option. With the most gastric balloon experience in the U.S. since FDA approval, we have seen tremendous success among our patients. We have the ability to see patients from across the country since we can offer virtual online nutrition and fitness counseling service through Endobariatric Consultants ( This makes it even more convenient to provide the aftercare to patients from the comforts of their own home.”

The ReShape balloon itself is two soft connected, silicone intragastric balloon that is inserted non-surgically in a deflated state into the stomach and then inflated with sterile saline solution through a self-sealing valve once it enters the stomach. The intragastric balloon (also referred to as a belly balloon) will remain in place for a maximum of six months. During that six month period the patient will enjoy a feeling of fullness sooner and satiety will last longer after meals, which encourages portion control and helps manage hunger. In the 12 month ReShape program, the patient will participate in a professional support program providing personalized diet that will help to retrain the patient’s eating habits, individual exercise series, and a one-on-one motivational program including individual goal-setting and tracking meetings.

New York Bariatric Group consists of six of the country’s best bariatric surgeons and has been voted the #1 bariatric program in New York State for six years in a row by Health Grades. NYBG physicians are the preeminent bariatric surgeons in New York and the surrounding region. Regardless of which bariatric surgery procedure you may decide on – whether it be a bariatric surgery alternative like the ReShape Managed Weight Loss Program, LAP-BAND© Adjustable Gastric Band, revisional surgery, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass – the surgeons of New York Bariatric Group have the technology, talent, and experience to provide you with the most medical weight loss options and top quality surgical care.


Dr. Shawn Garber is most experienced in the U.S. with gastric balloon placement since FDA approval


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