Bariatric surgery can be a route that helps an individual regain a healthier and happier body and frame of mind. The Connecticut Bariatric Group is the region’s leading weight loss clinic. Our Connecticut bariatric surgery office is conveniently located in Fairfield and can provide you with amazing life-changing results.

Our team of doctors are not only the best Connecticut bariatric surgeons but our group also has six of the best weight loss surgeons in the country. When it comes to getting weight loss surgery in Connecticut, we are the best of the best. We take all the necessary steps to ensure each procedure is performed in the highest standards and so successfully achieves the desired results.

We offer our patients the highest level of expertise and experience, with the successful track record that can not be denied, you can be completely confident from the outset of this new journey. As a matter of fact, our surgeons have earned several national commendations and awards. They are even called upon to provide the training to other surgeons throughout the country and continue to develop new, advantageous options for bariatric surgery in Connecticut.

Surgery Options

Connecticut Bariatric Group provides all of the latest types of weight loss surgery. This includes laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass surgery, lap band surgery, revisional procedures, and a variety of other options. We can even offer surgery for certain adolescents who are struggling to lose weight through conventional means. As an added note, our bariatric surgery can also greatly benefit individuals with diabetes. The lap band surgery has proven itself as a long-term weight loss tool time and time again.It is now allowing individuals to enjoy a normal way of life without the constant struggle of sticking to stringent diet plans.

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The laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy has also been a successful option for our patients. This is a weight loss surgery that removes a portion of the stomach and in turn drastically decreases your hunger.

Gastric bypass surgery is also well-known for helping obese people finally break through the rollercoaster ride of weight loss and weight gain. Thus, creating stability in a person’s life and a solid foundation for their quality of health.

Contact us at the Connecticut Bariatric Group and we can discuss all of your options to determine what the best solution will be.

Why Connecticut Bariatric Group?

We will provide you with all of the education and assistance you need, helping you to prepare for surgery and recovery. We will also provide you with the instruction you need for a post-bariatric surgery diet. We also provide mentor programs and support groups as needed. We want to ensure that we are not only helping with the surgery itself but also offering you care and support during your entire weight loss journey. We believe this extra attention to all your needs is what allows us to achieve better results than many other surgery clinics.

Obesity can not only keep you from looking and feeling your best but can actually affect you on a deeper level since it does increase your chances of developing a multitude of chronic diseases and may even lead to early death. Please contact the Connecticut bariatric surgery clinic for a consultation.

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