Our team will work with you to develop healthy daily habits. These habits will be based on eating in moderation that matches the body and health you are looking to find. The failed eating patterns that can ultimately lead to poor health, fatigue, depression, and attempts at binge eating, will be in your past. Making a commitment to lifestyle change will bring fast, substantial, and long-term weight loss.

Permanent Weight Loss?

Many patients wonder if losing a lot of weight, and maintaining that weight loss permanently, is possible. It certainly is! At New York Bariatric Group, we have helped thousands of people find that level of success. However, it is important to understand that you aren’t going to find weight loss success by just having weight loss surgery.

If you have struggled to lose weight for years, like most of our patients, then you know that “get thin quick” schemes are everywhere. These promises are usually attached to costly plans that promise fast weight loss. They sometimes work – temporarily. The problem with fast weight loss plans is they are not long-term solutions to losing weight and keeping it off. Although initially we lose weight, our biology will soon turn on us, and we regain the weight. You’ve likely experienced this frustration, and it is not a reflection of your personal failure. Failure is the unfortunate truth behind most promises of quick weight loss schemes. The yo-yo cycle of losing and gaining weight can end, with weight loss surgery and a comprehensive after-surgery plan.

An Expert to Guide You

One of the keys to your success after bariatric surgery or the weight loss balloon is Sharon George. Sharon is the Certified Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian for New York Bariatric Group. Specializing in Bariatric Nutrition since 2003, Sharon is a knowledgeable, compassionate, and constant resource for our patients.

To provide the best chance of success, Sharon meets with each patient before surgery to educate him or her on the nutritional aspects of life after surgery. From the beginning of your journey, Sharon is your personal dietitian.

Patients at New York Bariatric Group will find Sharon helps them make appropriate post-bariatric surgery diet changes. An expert in each procedure we perform, Sharon combines her clinical knowledge with each patient’s personal preferences to give recommendations for food choices and meal patterns. Although every patient receives a comprehensive nutritional manual based on the procedure they have, we also know that having someone to personally work with in planning menus is important. Here at the New York Bariatric Group, we make sure patients get that extra support.

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I try to meet with all our patients throughout their first year after surgery to make their experience positive and healthy. I see my job as being part supporter, educator, cheerleader and friend to each of our patients as they start their weight loss journey. It gives me and everyone here at New York Bariatric Group a great sense of satisfaction when we hear another one of our patients has been able to achieve their personal goals with our help.”

Sharon George

What Will I Learn?

Beginning right after weight loss surgery, and for the first 4-6 weeks, patients get special coaching on what to eat, as well as certain foods to avoid because they will not be easily digested after their bariatric procedure. They will also be educated on the proper vitamin and protein supplements.

During the first year after bariatric surgery, patients generally lose weight when they follow our program. Weight loss surgery can be a life-changing event. At the same time, it requires a commitment to long-term lifestyle changes that are not always easy.

If you find yourself struggling with the after-surgery lifestyle changes, the doctors and support staff at New York Bariatric Group are always available to you by email or phone.

Our commitment to not just a successful surgery, but a positive and supportive after-surgery program. We go above and beyond what you’ll find elsewhere. Contact us today or call us at 800-633-THIN to learn more about how we provide you with direct and ongoing support after bariatric surgery.