Fast Track to Surgery

As a patient of New York Bariatric Group, you will be given ample resources to have a safe, positive, and successful journey. From our support groups and online patient portal, to your patient mentor and our staff who are a phone call away, you will have many choices for how to best manage your journey. In addition, we offer a Fast Track Program that can get you on your way to your goals even more quickly.

Fast Track Program

The Fast Track Program at New York Bariatric Group is for patients who decide they want to have bariatric surgery right away. Often when our patients make the decision to have bariatric surgery, there is a period of months they have to wait because of hurdles that insurance companies put in place. Some of our patients want a way to have their surgeries in a few weeks, instead of waiting months. This is where our Fast Track Program comes in.

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How It Works

Patients who enter into the fast track program will first come to our offices and have a private consultation with one of our weight loss surgeons. We will then assist them in quick but thorough completion of any required preoperative medical work-up. Patients return for a pre-operative visit and will be scheduled for their bariatric surgery shortly thereafter.  After surgery you will become a permanent part of our New York Bariatric Group Weight Loss Program and you will be invited to follow-up in our after bariatric surgery care program as well as our bariatric surgery support groups to ensure that you continue to do well. There are three ways that patients can be fast-tracked to their surgery date:

Previous Approval

The first way to qualify for the Fast Track Program is if you have already gotten insurance approval for bariatric surgery elsewhere. This approval would generally transfer to New York Bariatric Group with no issues.

Quick Insurance

Although some insurance companies are notorious for taking a long time to obtain approval for bariatric surgery, there are some insurance companies that make it very easy. Patients with insurance from these companies are able to enroll in the Fast Track Program.

Self Pay

As a third option, patients may fast-track their bariatric surgery if they seek patient financing or pay cash for their procedure. This allows patients to bypass some of the pre-surgery hurdles that insurance companies put in place.

If you would like to learn more about our Fast Track Program, please contact us at 800-633-THIN.

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Bariatric Surgery Support Groups

Our online support groups and forums are a great way to interact with other patients. These resources are just a few clicks away. If you are unable to come to a meeting in person, or want some feedback outside of your individual mentor, the online groups are an opportunity for you to expand your support network.

You may also find that you enjoy helping others who are new to their journey. Your own experiences overcoming some challenges, making lasting changes, and dealing with the ups and downs of this journey can inspire others who are on a similar path. You can access these support groups here.

With mentoring, life coaching and bariatric surgery support groups, your chances of having a smooth and successful experience are greatly enhanced. This is another way that New York Bariatric Group does everything in our power to assist our patients. You can learn more by calling our office at 800-633-THIN.

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Premier Services: Bariatric Surgery Patient Portal

The New York Bariatric Group offers patients online access to the practice as well as many online tools for you and your family to keep up with your success. Patients are able to request appointment changes online, email staff members, purchase diet supplements, foods and beverages. To keep up to date with what’s new in these services and tools we encourage every patient to subscribe to our Newsletter.

At the New York Bariatric Group, we do far more than just perform bariatric surgery procedures. We do everything we can to ensure your success after bariatric surgery, and have a healthier, happier, and longer life. We have several programs from bariatric surgery support groups, to fast track programs, Mentor/Mentee Panel and life coaching opportunities, and more. Call our office at 800-633-THIN to learn about how we provide after bariatric surgery care, support and assistance.


At the New York Bariatric Group, we understand that weight loss surgery is only the beginning. This is followed by a difficult journey of lifelong lifestyle change. Even though having bariatric surgery and losing weight seems easy, there’s a lot more to this process than that. The correct mental approach and support are some of the most important bariatric surgery requirements to ensure a smooth and successful experience.

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Post Bariatric Lifestyle Changes

Many patients at New York Bariatric Group think back on their bariatric surgery day, and say it was the beginning of a new phase of their life. The day of surgery is truly life changing for many people, because they remember it as the day they took back control of their weight and their health. It was the day that started a long, but very rewarding, journey to success. In addition to the importance of the surgery day, there is substantial importance in the days and years that follow.

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