Our seminars give you a chance to learn about New York Bariatric Group, and why so many patients choose our weight loss surgeons.

What Is A Bariatric Surgery Seminar?

Our seminars give you a quick but comprehensive education on weight loss surgery and obesity. We will teach you about the different surgery options including Lap Band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and gastric balloon. We will also talk about what laparoscopic surgery is, and how this type of surgery often makes recovery easier. You will hear about the risks of surgical procedures, and how to best manage those risks. Each part of the process will be covered, from what your pre-surgical steps are, to what happens after the weight loss operation.

The importance of making lifestyle changes, especially in terms of the way you eat, will be explained.

You’ll receive general dietary overviews, although our dietitians will work with you one on one throughout your own process, to ensure you are getting enough nutrients and eating in a way that will complement your operation. Additionally, we will cover our new non-surgical offering: the weight loss balloon.

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Why Is A Seminar Important?

The seminars we offer give you an opportunity to hear details about each procedure, the benefits, and risks of surgery, and set realistic expectations for a weight loss journey. If you are considering having bariatric surgery, it is important that you feel comfortable and inspired by the team you choose to work with. Our seminars are a first chance to start to get to know who we are at New York Bariatric Group. The education you receive during the seminar will allow you to come to your consultation with good questions, and a head start on understanding your choices and our process.

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Where Are The Seminars Held?

We offer our seminars at convenient locations throughout the New York area for patients on Long Island, Manhattan, Nassau County, and Dutchess County. These in-person seminars are a great way to meet some of the team at New York Bariatric Group, and get a first hand sense of how we work with patients.

We know that not everyone can make it to an in person seminar so we also offer a robust number of online seminars each month. These online seminars cover the same information as our live seminars, but allow you to access them from your home computer. You can register for an in person or online information seminar here.