Most patients are nervous on the day of surgery. This is very normal, and our staff will be there to make sure you feel supported. You can rest assured knowing our surgeons are among the most experienced bariatric surgeons, and our support staff has helped thousands of patients like you to have a safe, comfortable, and successful surgery day.

What You Can Expect

  • To fill out some paperwork. We will help you understand what the paperwork means, and you can have a friend or family member with you during this time.
  • Our staff will give you a gown to change into, which you will wear until you change to go home after surgery and recovery.
  • When you are taken to the operating room, we will likely put sticky pads on your chest to track your heartbeat. We’ll also give you an oxygen mask you’ll wear through the procedure.
  • We will start an IV that will be used to give you pain medicine and anesthesia to make you feel calm and fall asleep before your procedure.
  • You will not remember what happens during the procedure and may not remember talking with the doctor. After our anesthesiologist gives you medicine to make you fall asleep, the next thing you know you’ll be waking up in the recovery room. Some patients do not remember their time in the recovery room either.
  • After you’re awake, we may ask you to try sipping some water.
  • We also will likely ask you to try standing up and walking with help.
  • You may spend several hours up to a few days in the hospital, depending on which procedure you had and how your recovery is going. A procedure like the weight loss balloon would generally have the least amount of time before going home, while a procedure like the gastric bypass requires being in the hospital for a few days.

Once Your Surgeon is Confident You Are Ready to Go Home, You Can Expect:

  • You and a friend or family member will be given discharge instructions.
  • We will confirm the date and time of your first follow up appointment.
  • We may give you a prescription for pain medication.
  • You will be reminded of your eating plan for the first few weeks, which will start out with liquids only.

Remember, our surgeons and staff are available to answer any questions you have about your surgery day. We understand this can be an exciting and scary event, and we are here to make sure you feel educated and confident in your choice.

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