Building with and around the best Bariatric Surgeons is core to our model

We support the best private-practice bariatric groups with our enterprise-level private practice operators, technology stack and bariatric-focused processes and contracts. Being singularly focused on bariatrics ensures our physicians get the best outcomes, stay at the forefront of bariatric care and technology, and our patients have the very best experiences. Our physician partners are setting the standard in our field by providing top-level patient care, driving high-quality outcomes, and leading the transition to out-patient bariatric care in our state-of-the-art ASCs.

Maintain Clinical Autonomy

NYBG’s partner practices maintain clinical decision-making at the local level. You will maintain your brand and preferred approach to patient care and surgery while accessing national bariatric advisory groups. We also believe aligned incentives create exceptional patient outcomes, and our equity partners are invested in growth opportunities across the national NYBG network.

Integrate With a Bariatric-Specific Platform

NYBG’s platform drives productivity, process improvement and patient outcomes through bariatric-specific technology and processes that are only affordable with scale. We’ve invested heavily to enable next-generation data science and business intelligence tools, physician recruiting and fellowship programs, significant marketing budgets and optimization, a fully integrated call center, and access to capital and national relationships. And our ASCs are designed and equipped with the high-quality technology demanded by leading bariatric groups.

Experience Enterprise-Level Financial and Operational Support

NYBG’s platform includes 300+ teammates, VP and Director-level management and millions of dollars invested into real-time practice-performance analytics. We help your practice and practice teammates thrive while you focus on your patients.

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Build a Legacy

We are building the premier bariatric platform in the US. Each partner is integral to the clinical outcomes, practice strategies and overall success of our national partnership. Our equity model creates meaningful long-term value to our partners and accessible paths to ownership for our associates. We are building with the long-term in-mind, and our scale will keep our physicians in control despite an ever-changing healthcare system.

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