The skin has often been damaged, losing natural flexibility. The excess skin brings other problems, such as chafing and rashes, and limits the types of clothing that can be worn. Plastic surgery allows the person to experience greater comfort, and to have the skin now fit the frame of the body. Every patient has individual needs, based upon the amount of weight lost, the elasticity of the skin, and the areas that need to have excess skin removed. A customized treatment plan will be developed to remove the excess skin and tissue and create a more attractive body contour – at last.

After Your Procedure

After bariatric surgery, many patients will seek plastic surgery procedures to reveal a slimmer, trimmer body contour. The extreme weight loss achieved with bariatric surgical intervention makes it possible to achieve a healthier, happier life for those who have been dealing with obesity.

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After Bariatric Surgery: Excess Skin and Tissue Removal

After bariatric surgery has achieved a weight loss goal, the body is typically left with excess skin and tissue that must be removed to finally resculpt and reshape the body. At New York Bariatric Group, we provide bariatric surgery patients with a range of plastic surgery procedures to restore a trimmer, more attractive body contour. The procedures that may be involved to eliminate the excess skin and tissue include:

Body Lift

After the extreme weight loss associated with bariatric surgery, a healthy weight is achieved. A body lift is the final transformation, removing the excess skin, tissue, and fat from the abdomen, hips, thighs, and other areas. The removal of the excess through a body lift, often in conjunction with liposuction treatments, tightens loose skin and muscle structure to create a smooth, trim body contour.

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The removal of fat deposits that remain after bariatric surgery can be accomplished with the help of liposuction. Stubborn fat deposits can leave the body appearing less attractive than it should; liposuction can be employed to remove these unwanted fatty deposits and smooth out the body contour and create a slimmer profile.

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Tummy Tuck

Upon losing unhealthy fat through bariatric surgery, many patients are left with a sagging tummy with excess skin and tissue that hangs. The condition is unattractive, uncomfortable, and difficult to conceal without wearing baggy, loose clothing. A tummy tuck may be needed to remove the excess skin and tissue, and restore a smooth, trim body contour in the abdominal area – finally allowing the person to wear tighter-fitting clothing options with confidence. A tummy tuck may be the only procedure needed, or may be part of a more extensive treatment plan for those who have other body areas that need to be resolved.

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Breast Augmentation

Many patients who come to NYBG Plastic Surgery do so because they have recently lost weight, either by surgical means or through diet and exercise alone. Unfortunately, many women who have found success on their weight loss journeys are dismayed to find that their breasts are one of the areas shrinking in size as fat melts away. Many women find themselves dissatisfied with small and/or misshapen breasts that fail to complement their figure, causing them to lack confidence in their bodies. A breast augmentation can increase breast volume and improve definition for a fuller, more youthful bust.

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