Endoscopy can provide a low risk, quick, and simple way to examine or provide treatments. At New York Bariatric Group we are able to combine our surgical offerings with endoscopic offerings, to ensure a wide variety of treatments are available.

Do Your Surgeons Offer Endoscopy?

Yes. The New York Bariatric Group is proud to be the only bariatric surgery practice in New York State with an AAASF-certified endoscopy suite in the office. AAASF stands for American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. The certification from AAASF is based on an evaluation of institutions that looks for the highest standards of patient safety and quality of care. By having the endoscopy suite right in the office, we can quickly diagnose and treat problems you may develop before and after surgery. Our team of weight loss surgery experts at New York Bariatric Group has one of the largest endoscopy experiences in the area related to bariatric surgery and the treatment of obesity.

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Endoscopy Suite

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How Does This Benefit Me?

There are unique considerations when working with a bariatric patient. Our surgeons have dedicated their careers to understanding the needs of bariatric patients and the challenges they face. Other practices may refer their patients to a separate gastroenterologist who has little knowledge of the anatomy of bariatric surgery patients. However, at New York Bariatric Group, one of our experienced surgeons will perform your endoscopy in the privacy of our own office. This is more comfortable, familiar, and efficient than sending our patients to a hospital. You continue to receive the quality of care you expect from our team.

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What Types of Endoscopy Do You Perform?

We perform endoscopy through the mouth as well as colonoscopy. Colonoscopies are important to screen for polyps and cancer in patients over the age of 50, with a family history of colon cancer, change in bowel habits, as well as rectal bleeding.

When you meet with a surgeon at New York Bariatric Group, we will discuss any options for endoscopy. Please ask us if you have any questions about these procedures specifically.