Weight Loss Surgery is the Proven Winner for Defeating Obesity

New York Bariatric Group Provides Innovative and Effective Bariatric Surgery Options for Patients

New Hyde Park, NY – A new research study in the British Medical Journal shows that weight loss surgery is the most effective treatment for obesity. With bariatric surgery, obese patients lose more weight, in less time, and are better able to maintain those results, keeping the weight off to lead to real, long term success and health improvements.

The research in the BMJ analyzed 11 previous studies of nearly 800 obese patients. The results were conclusive that bariatric surgery treatment produced on average 57 pounds more weight loss in two years than any non-surgical treatment, including all types of diet, exercise, medicine, and behavioral therapy.

Separately, researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles found that as many as two thirds of individuals who diet not only regain the weight they lost, but also gain additional weight, within five years of that diet ending. This research was based on the analysis of 31 individual long-term studies.

Bariatric surgery is the only proven methodology for maintaining that weight loss over the long haul. Treatments such as laparoscopic banding, gastric bypass, and sleeve gastrectomy accomplish this goal by forcing the individual to maintain a healthier lifestyle and overcome any physical or mental barriers.

Arguments against bariatric surgery in the past have included unnecessary health risks during surgery, and the excessive cost of surgical procedures. However, today’s new technology and refined procedures have made most bariatric surgery safer than ever, while insurance often provides coverage for bariatric surgery as well.

The correct mental approach is still a requirement in order to maximize and maintain those results, but overall, it’s a far more achievable and sustainable option. The most effective surgical clinics therefore not only provide the bariatric surgery itself, but also educational and support programs designed to produce long term weight loss results.

At the New York Bariatric Group, all types of bariatric surgery are performed by four of the country’s leading surgeons, and an unmatched bariatric program for patient success is provided.

Call the New York Bariatric Group at 800-633-THIN to learn more about getting started with bariatric surgery, or visit StopObesityForLife.com for more information.

About the New York Bariatric Group

The New York Bariatric Group is the home of five of the country’s leading bariatric surgeons. Together, they offer the most advanced and safest successful treatments to fight obesity, including all types of bariatric surgery, such as laparoscopic banding, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and more. Their surgical team has extensive experience, and NYBG provides an unmatched bariatric program that produces real weight loss success, with patient education, mentorships, support groups, and ongoing assistance with nutrition and post-surgery lifestyle. Visit the New York Bariatric Group online at StopObesityForLife.com, or call them at 800-633-THIN.


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