These complications require additional tests for evaluation and may require medications or surgery to treat. Adjustable gastric band is associated with the following risks:

  • Slippage or prolapse- this complication occurs when more of the distal stomach slips through the lapband creating a larger pouch of stomach above the band. This can crimp the stomach and cause obstruction. If the prolapse does not improve with the removal of fluid from the band, you will need to return to the operating room.
  • Bleeding from internal organs or incisions- usually apparent within 24 hours of surgery, this complication requires returning to the operating room.
  • Death- this is a rare complication after lap band surgery.
  • Blood clots in legs that can travel to lungs- compressive stockings, blood thinning agents, and early ambulation typically prevent these complications but they can still occur and require medicine to treat.
  • Hernias in small laparoscopic incisions.
  • Infections at the site of port- usually respond to antibiotics.
  • Erosion of lap band into the stomach - this complication requires removal of the band.

This list includes the risks most common for patients but is not an exhaustive list.


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