Shaping Up at Home

While everyone wishes they had the time and money to have a daily personal trainer whipping their body into shape, the reality is that most people are too busy to log long hours in a gym. Fortunately, there are many easy exercises that can be done at home to work and tone muscles when you need to get in a quick workout. While getting sufficient exercise is the foundation of basic fitness, combining frequent workouts with good eating habits and an overall healthy lifestyle is the only way to ensure your body’s optimum performance. Not all exercise has to be as intense as bench presses and weighted lifts, though. Even doing a few bicep curls with an extra can of beans while you cook can promote health in the long run. Add one or two of these simple moves to your normal routine to burn a few extra calories, or combine them all for a full-body workout.

Exercising at home has great benefits
Exercising at home has great benefits

Heel Walk

At home or the office, take advantage of your rolling desk chair. Sit in the rolling chair with your abs tucked and shoulders back. Move yourself forward by digging your heels into the floor. Roll yourself down the hallway and back for two minutes at a time to work lower abdominals.

Heel Walk
Heel Walk

Wall push ups

After you pop your morning coffee in the microwave, stand facing the nearest wall and do a few pushups against it. Bend only at your elbows, and keep the rest of your body stiff as you lower yourself towards the wall and then push away, strengthening arms and shoulders.

Wall Pushups
Wall Pushups


Next time you pick up your kid, or a bag of groceries, pause to do some squats. Hold the bag (or child) firmly against your chest and bend your knees. Focus on keeping your back straight, as if you were sitting back into a chair that isn’t there. Do 5-8 repetitions at a time, working leg and butt muscles.




When cleaning day rolls around, do lunges across the bedroom while picking up dirty laundry. Take a big step forward, keeping your back straight. Bend your front knee while keeping your weight on the back toes. As you reach to pick something up, drop the knee of your back leg to the floor, strengthening legs and core muscles.


Lunges with light dumbbells
Lunges with light dumbbells

Stability ball

When the theme song of your favorite primetime TV show starts to play, swap the loveseat for a balance ball, or one of the kid’s large playground balls. Sitting on one of these for extended periods of time improves posture and core strength. During commercials, scoot your feet forward, allowing the ball to roll up your back and do a few crunches to fill the time.

Stability ball crunches
Stability ball crunches

Leg lifts

Inevitably during the day at some point you will find yourself standing idly in a line, whether at the bank, grocery store, or the mall. When this happens, lift one foot a half-inch off of the ground and hold for 30-60 seconds, focusing on balancing on your other foot. Then switch and lift the other foot, rebalancing your body and trying to remain steady.

In-chair leg lifts

Getting fit at home can be relaxing, comfortable, and fun. If you have any further questions about losing weight ask your physician and consult him about weight loss surgery if you feel that exercise and dieting aren’t getting the job done call our office at (516) 616-5500 or fill out our contact form to start a conversation now.

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Shaping Up at Home


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