Plan the Perfect Bariatric-Friendly Mother’s Day!

When we think of “motherhood,” what comes to mind? For many it’s love, care, and a nurturing spirit. With Mother’s Day approaching, there’s no better time to show extra care to your mom, wife, and any special woman in your life. To help you plan the perfect, bariatric-friendly Mother’s Day, we’re sharing some great, easy tips for a fun-filled day that everyone can enjoy together!

Serve a healthy breakfast in bed.

There’s no better way to start the day than with a healthy, nutritious breakfast. As a matter of fact, research shows that the most important meal of the day helps improve concentration and mental performance, boost strength and endurance, and even lower cholesterol levels. To help give you some inspiration for a healthy and delicious meal, our Registered Dietitian, Sharon, recorded some tips:

Whether you prepare a fabulous, homemade buffet or you whip her up a classic, filling omelet, be sure to get the whole family involved in meal prep for extra fun.

Get active!

After breakfast, it’s time to get the whole family together and enjoy the day. It’s easy to have some fun and sneak in a little exercise by heading outdoors. Exploring your local park or taking in all the sights at the zoo can be a welcome change of pace with some beautiful natural scenery. It’s exciting for the little ones – and adults too – without even feeling like exercise, and the memories (and pictures!) will last a lifetime.

Does your family love to play sports? Get the whole clan together for some fun family competition. A backyard soccer match can get everyone’s blood pumping with excitement. And for fans of adventure, a bike ride around town makes for a great day out.

If you prefer a day in, bring everyone together to take care of your garden – or plant one! Not only is gardening a fun Mother’s Day activity, it can turn into a great, lifelong hobby for everyone. Tending to your own little patch of land offers a ton of health benefits; to maximize them, be sure to grow vegetables that your family loves to eat. Lastly, for moms who don’t want to take care of a full garden, or don’t have the space for one, a small herb and spice garden in your kitchen is the perfect DIY project!

Catch some ZZZ’s.

By the afternoon, everyone is probably worn out from a day full of outdoor fun. Don’t be shy – get cozy and enjoy a nap together. Not only are naps a great way to take a break and get an emotional boost, they offer a wealth of physical and mental benefits.

Regular napping can increase alertness, improve memory, and boost health by reducing cortisol, the stress hormone. People with lower cortisol levels tend to see better immune resistance, less stress and anxiety, and weight loss. So, do mom and the whole family a favor – get some soft pillows and blankets and get some sleep!

Spice up dinner with creative substitutions.

Make dinner the perfect end to this special the day with healthy spins on classic meals this Mother’s Day. Instead of potatoes, try cauliflower as a low-carb, low-calorie alternative. The best part about cauliflower is its versatility – it can be steamed as is for a wonderful side or mashed to replace starchy potatoes. With a little prep, cauliflower rice and “bread” also make for a great way to eat healthy and enjoy your favorite flavors.

If you’re looking to make pasta, try spaghetti squash instead. Its texture is reminiscent of spaghetti and holds sauces just as well. As an added bonus it’s a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, and fiber. The colorful “noodles” also make for some pretty plates.

Another stellar, bariatric-friendly alternative to empty carbs is zucchini. This classic vegetable is loaded with many of the same nutrients as spaghetti squash with a few added bonuses: anti-inflammatory properties for lower cholesterol and improved heart health, as well as promoting proper digestion.

Even better is their flexibility in the kitchen. Using a mandolin slicer to whip up Zoodles is a classic staple in many health-conscious households – but that’s not all. Slices of zucchini can make a great base for a lasagna, baked zucchini can make for a new spin on taco shells, they make light, tasty chips…the potential is nearly endless!

So, ask Mom what she is in the mood for, get the kids back in the kitchen, and have a blast making something amazing.

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Plan the Perfect Bariatric-Friendly Mother’s Day!


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