Does obesity raise my risk of cancer?

The short answer: studies say yes.

The longer answer: obesity is strongly associated with an increase in likelihood of developing certain types of cancers.

A recent study published by the BMJ, a peer-reviewed medical journal, verifies the link between obesity and some cancers. That may not sound like great news, but knowledge is key in terms of prevention.

Many people have linked obesity with a wide variety of cancers. This study aimed to put people’s associations to the test. A total of 36 types of cancers, originally thought to be linked to obesity, were reviewed. 11 of the 36 cancers were strongly correlated with obesity. These 11 cancers are mostly related to organs used for digestions (the pancreas, liver, and gallbladder) and hormone-related malignancies, like prostate and breast cancer.

Some results of the study:

  • An increasing body mass index is linked to an increased risk of
    • Kidney cancer
    • Rectal cancer (specific to males)
    • Colon cancer (specific to males)
    • Esophageal adenocarcinoma
    • Biliary tract system cancer
    • Endometrial cancer (specific to premenopausal females)
    • Multiple myeloma
  • Increasing body weight is linked to an increased risk of
    • Postmenopausal breast cancer (specific to women)
  • Increasing the waist-to-hip circumference ratio, a measure of the proportions of the fat stored in your waist, hips, and buttocks, is linked to increased risk of
    • Endometrial cancer

Obesity has become a public health epidemic that poses terrifying health risks—such as increased risk of many different cancers.

The best prevention is getting your health in check. A knowledge of healthy habits, the right diet and exercise are key to living a happy and healthy life. However, if diet and exercise aren’t enough, you may want to consider bariatric surgery.

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These results of the study referenced in this blog post are based on the analysis of supportive evidence. We encourage you to review the study yourself! Here’s the link:

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Does obesity raise my risk of cancer?


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