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Can Bariatric Surgery Help Your Heart?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, hearts swell across the country – metaphorically, of course! This is the time of year when people think of their loved ones and how show their care for them. However, we have to ask: do you care for yourself?

In 2014, heart failure affects over 6 MILLION adults in the United States and is estimated to cause 1 out of every 4 deaths. The number of people affected by this condition has only increased with time as obesity and weight-related conditions have become more prevalent – in all developed countries, heart failure is prevalent in 1-2% of the population – roughly estimated, that’s over 12,000,000 people!

So this year, show yourself some love by learning about how bariatric surgery can improve heart health!

What affects heart health?

When it comes to keeping a healthy heart, a lot of factors come into play – overall wellness, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, family history, and how frequently you exercise, to name a few.

Conditions like type 2 diabetes and hypertension are major risk factors for heart disease. Diabetics may find that they are at a higher risk for heart disease as it exacerbates disorders – like cholesterol levels and blood pressure – that negatively affect the heart. In addition to worsening conditions, diabetes may cause them to develop earlier than they would otherwise. Luckily, bariatric surgery can turn back the clock on diabetes; 75% of bariatric procedure patients saw remission of their diabetes after 2 years!

High blood pressure – otherwise known as hypertension – strains your heart. This is a major concern as it causes 50% of ischemic strokes – when a blood clot blocks a vessel in the brain. It also increases the risk for hemorrhagic strokes – a stroke caused by a ruptured blood vessel in the brain. Because it has muscle, when the heart works harder, it can grow. A larger heart works less effectively because its oversized chambers cannot pump blood as powerfully. In the end, this reduces the supply of blood to the body’s organs – including the heart itself! However, like diabetes, bariatric surgery can help send a patient’s high blood pressure into remission.

These problems only get worse over time. Dramatic weight loss can help improve and alleviate obesity-related conditions like diabetes and hypertension. A word of warning: people who take their time deciding to lose weight can still see success, but the benefits may be lessened.

How can bariatrics help heart health?

Bariatric surgery aids heart health in two ways – by helping people lead healthier lives, and by alleviating more complex health problems that cannot be resolved by diet and exercise alone.

Weight-loss surgery has been proven to be the most successful option for losing pounds and keeping them off in the long term. Great! Let’s talk about why.

Obesity is a major heart disease risk, and many of its related conditions can be improved by bariatric surgery. As a matter of fact, bariatric surgery is considered a key treatment strategy in the ADA’s 2018 Standards of Care in Diabetes. Bariatrics has been shown to have positive effects on hypertension that last for up to 10 years. Lastly, weight-loss surgery causes a 56% reduction in mortality from coronary artery disease. Thanks to these benefits, bariatric surgery makes patients healthier while reducing their risk for heart disease.

In the end, bariatric surgery cuts the risk of heart failure by over ½ in obese patients without a history of heart disease or stroke, making bariatrics one of the best options to keep a heart healthy.

What’s the best time to choose bariatric surgery?

Some people worry that they cannot opt for bariatric surgery for one reason or another; maybe they have had a heart attack, or they currently have a heart condition. More often than not, they still qualify to receive a bariatric procedure!

If conditions are affecting your health, or you’re just ready for a lifestyle change, it’s time to look into bariatric surgery. The sooner patients lose weight, the better the health benefits. If you wait to undergo a procedure or start a diet, weight-related conditions have more time to develop. Nip those problems in the bud by starting your weight-loss journey today!

Choose the best in bariatric medicine!

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