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Busting 5 Common Gastric Balloon Myths!

Since FDA-approval in 2015, gastric balloons have been growing in popularity as an option for people to reach weight-loss success. Although interest and visibility surrounding the procedures have increased, so has misinformation about them.

We’re here to clear up some of the most common gastric balloon myths, and help keep everyone informed about the latest in bariatrics!

MYTH: The balloons are inserted during a long surgery.

Gastric balloon placements are very quick, and best of all, they’re not actually surgeries! Gastric balloon insertion is an outpatient that doesn’t even always require local anesthetic!

ReShape’s dual balloon placement takes around a half hour; the balloon is inserted endoscopically and then filled with saline or salt water.

The Obalon balloon is installed by swallowing a capsule that is then inflated with gas by a micro catheter, which takes only about ten minutes.

With gastric balloons, there’s no cutting, no changes to anatomy, and no hospital stay!

MYTH: Gastric balloons are uncomfortable.

Some people with gastric balloons have reported noticing or feeling the balloon immediately after insertion. However, the sensation is not common, and if experienced, tends to go away after a few days.

Another early side-effect is nausea, which stems from learning how to change one’s diet and meal portions. After a short acclimation period, patients tend to stop feeling nauseous.

MYTH: The procedure keeps people from going back to work.

One of the best benefits of gastric balloons is that patients can still live their active, healthy lives; they can exercise, move around, and many are able to get back to their regular work schedule and routine three days or less after insertion!

MYTH: People who get a gastric balloon regain all their lost weight back when it’s removed.

Gastric balloons are not meant to be permanently inserted, nor are they meant to be a magic fix; they bolster weight-loss success while patients learn healthy habits that will set them up to achieve their health goals.

We have support systems in place to teach patients the skills to sustain their weight loss long-term. In fact, our patients see us at least once a month for the six months they have the balloon inserted, as well as the next six months after it is removed!

MYTH: A person shouldn’t look into Bariatrics until their BMI qualifies them for surgery.

Gastric balloons are a great option for patients who are below the threshold for bariatric surgery, and can help keep them from ever reaching it.

The longer a person waits to address their weight, the more time that weight has to impact their health. Obesity and overweight can not only cause general health issues; they are also linked to several comorbidities that can range from uncomfortable to fatal, including hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and even increased cancer risk.

Non-surgical options such as gastric balloons and medically supervised weight loss are available to anyone looking to achieve a weight-loss goal, whether they can’t have surgery or just don’t want to.

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