NJ Governor Chris Christie Weight Loss Secret Revealed: LAP-BAND Procedure

Recently, New Jersey Governor revealed to the public that he underwent Lap-Band surgery. Governor Christie has lost approximately 40 pounds since his surgery in February. Dr. Garber interviewed with the Daily Beast discussing the details regarding the LAP-BAND Procedure. Read below to learn more about the LAP-BAND procedure and see if it is the right surgery for you.

Newsletter - May 2013

It’s minimally invasive (no staples required)

Having a silicone band wrapped around one’s stomach may sound like an elaborate form of torture, but it’s actually the least invasive weight-loss surgery available. Where gastric bypass surgery requires carving up the abdomen, lap band is done via a small incision through the belly button. “There’s no stomach cutting or stapling involved,” Dr. Shawn Garber, director of the New York Bariatric Group, tells The Daily Beast.

It’s also safe and speedy

Garber, who has performed band surgery on more than 3,000 patients, says it’s by far the safest weight-loss procedure. The window of recovery is much shorter than other surgeries, he says, with most patients leaving the hospital the same day they came in. It’s also the only procedure that isn’t permanent, since the band can be removed just as easily as it’s put on. But by the same token, it can fall off (commonly referred to as “band slippage”) or erode from exposure to stomach acids, though this occurs only in roughly 5 percent of patients.

So why do more people get full tummy tucks?

Patients don’t shed pounds as quickly after lap band as they do with other surgeries. Christie would likely have dropped twice as much weight by now had he chosen one of the other procedures, according to Garber. The lap band also requires multiple follow-up visits so that it can be tightened as patients adjust to eating smaller portions.

Simply put, it’s not the quick-fix solution that many obese patients want. “It doesn’t work by itself,” says Garber. “We tell patients that all these surgeries are tools for weight loss. They’re not cures for obesity.”

What were Christie’s other options?

Garber says the most common bariatric surgery is the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, in which surgeons both shrink the stomach by stapling a portion of it together to limit food intake and reroute the digestive tract to bypass part of the intestines. Patients tend to lose weight quickly and keep it off, which explains why the procedure accounts for 50 percent of the 200,000 or so bariatric surgeries performed in the U.S. every year.

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