What Weight-Loss Fad Diets Don’t Tell You

“Lose 5 pounds a week just by drinking this smoothie once a day!” Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s because it is.

Fad diets make unrealistic and unsustainable promises that are, ultimately, not only unhealthy – they can be actively detrimental to your health! That’s why we’re here to shed some light on what weight-loss fad diets don’t tell you! We’ll even explain how to live healthier and lose weight with Obalon, so read on!

What is a Fad Diet?

A fad diet is a “quick-fix” program that promises weight loss and other benefits without widely accepted basis in science or medical research. This is often achieved through restrictive or unexpected food choices. Fad diets go hand-in-hand with “yo-yo dieting,” the cycle of losing and regaining weight. This fluctuation ultimately tends to end in weight gain, due to its unsustainability.

Fad Diets Send You into “Starvation Mode”

Denied Nutrients

Fad diets tend to be ineffective, but occasionally do help people shed pounds quickly – because they rely on unsafe techniques. Dieters are required to focus on specific types of food or to avoid certain options altogether. Although people can lose weight this way, they are doing more harm than good. We need to eat well-balanced meals to ensure our bodies receive all the vitamins they need. These fads remove nutrients from our diets, leading to decreased wellness and long-term weight gain.

Slower Metabolism

Our bodies don’t recognize poor nutrition as “dieting,” they see it as “starving” and make biological changes in order to protect us. An article following participants on The Biggest Loser noted that our bodies respond negatively to a lack of vitamins. Although their short-term successes have been documented on TV, most contestants have gained weight in the long run. Why? Our bodies develop more fat to sustain us through future starvation periods by slowing down our metabolisms to maintain a heavier weight. As yo-yo diets foster this ebb and flow, our bodies trend towards gaining more, resulting in a heavier weight in the long-term. This is why doctors don’t recommend skipping meals or trying “cleanses,” instead developing sustainable habits for continued success.

Beware of Diet Pills

It’s important to be wary of “miracle solutions” and anything promising “quick and easy weight loss.” Just like fad diets, diet pills are not as safe as they sound.

Although they are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), supplements are classified as a “food,” meaning their regulations are less stringent than prescription medications. A recent study from the Regis University of Denver revealed some of the dangers of these pills. They sampled products from retail chains within 10 miles of their campus. They ultimately found 51 different products that contained substances regarded as dangerous or even banned by the FDA.

Since diet pills are unregulated, some combinations have proven to be lethal. One product, Ephedra, was used by a group of soldiers, leading to dozens of deaths and the banning of all diet pills on military bases.

But all this begs the question: how should we lose weight?

How Do You Lose Weight Healthily?

The main problem with fad diets is that people only lose weight while they’re dieting. When they stop following their program, the weight starts to come back. If we really want to lose weight an keep it off, we need to make long-term lifestyle changes!

By changing our habits, we can lose and then maintain our lower weight by sticking to these changes. By eating well and exercising, maintaining a healthy weight becomes a basic part of our lives, as opposed to something we need to stress about or dread! Want some help? We’ve provided tips for the whole family!

Choose Better Health; Choose Obalon!

The Obalon balloon system is built to help people lose weight safely, live healthier, and maintain their weight loss long-term. Their swallowable balloons fill space in the stomach for 6 months, helping reduce feelings of hunger in patients, even while they eat less food. During this period, patients develop habits that promote better health and improved quality of life, which helps them keep their healthy lifestyle going long after the balloons are removed. Learn more about this revolutionary procedure here! Patients can be confident in what they learn about gastric balloons from NYBG because we are the #1 Obalon Balloon practice in the United States!


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What Weight-Loss Fad Diets Don’t Tell You


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