Test Your Knowledge: A Quick Quiz on Obesity

Knowledge is the key to making a wise decision. Here’s a quick quiz to make sure you have your facts straight. The answers are at the bottom, but don’t peek . . . see how well you can do.

  1. True or false: Genetics, sedentary lifestyles and the prevalence of fast food are all factors that contribute to obesity.
  2. Recent published studies show than severely overweight individuals have a life expectancy of __ years less than non-obese members of the population.
  3. The measure used to determine your level of obesity is called ___.
  4. You are considered to be obese when your body mass index is over ___.
  5. You are considered to be morbidly obese when your body mass index is over ___.
  6. True or false: The quickest way to calculate my body mass index is to use the BMI calculator on our website.
  7. According to the National Institutes of Health, the only effective means of weight loss in patients who suffer from morbid obesity is ___________.
  8. Most insurance companies and bariatric surgery specialists consider individuals with a body mass index of ___ as candidates for surgery.
  9. Patients with a life-threatening condition as a result of obesity are considered candidates for surgery with a body mass index of __.

10.  True or false:  Even if I have not tried other ways to lose weight, surgery may be my best option.

11.  True or false: After weight-loss surgery, you will feel full after eating less food.

12.  I can expect to be hospitalized ___ days after weight-loss surgery.

13.  After weight-loss surgery, I can expect to return to work after ___ days.

14.  True or false:  Your surgeon will decide which type of weight-loss surgery is right for you.

15.  True or false: After surgery, I will no longer need to concern myself with diet and exercise.

16.  True or false: Weight-loss surgery can help cure diabetes.

17.  True or false:  Insurance usually doesn’t cover weight-loss surgery.

18.  The New York Bariatric Group has helped improved the lives of more than _____ people through weight-loss surgeries.

19.  A good way to find out about weight-loss surgery has changed people’s lives is: ____________________.

20.  If I’m interested in talking to someone about weight-loss surgery, my next step should be: ___________________________.

The answers:

  1. True
  2. Ten
  3. BMI (body mass index).
  4. 30
  5. 40
  6. True. You can find our BMI calculator at the top of this page.
  7. surgery
  8. 40
  9. 30

10.  False. Surgery should only be considered when other weight loss plans, such as diets and exercise, have not worked.

11.  True

12.  One or two days

13.  Seven to ten days

14.   False. The type of surgery that is right for you is your decision.  We will provide you all the information you need as clearly as possible so that you can be sure of your choice.

15.  False. Think of weight-loss surgery as a tool to make lifestyle changes.  Successful patients follow up with their surgeons, follow new rules for eating, and make the time to exercise regularly.

16.  True. For more on weight-loss surgery and diabetes, click here.

17.  False. Many insurance companies do cover the procedures, and you can find out if yours is one of them fairly easily.

18.  5,000

19.  Check out the Success Stories on our website.  They’re under the heading: “Photos/Videos.”

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Test Your Knowledge: A Quick Quiz on Obesity


Lost 145lbs

Thomas' success story

I went in for surgery. An hour later, I came out a new man.

Everybody treated me like a king. The day of surgery, I was excited. The hospital couldn’t be any nicer. I went in for surgery. An hour later, I came out a new man. My recovery was awesome. I was out of bed that day. My wife and kids were my motivation on getting this surgery. They are my whole life. I’m happy I’m going to be around for them.

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Lost 76lbs

Nicole's success story

I hit my goal weight ... and I feel fabulous

I had the gastric bypass. I am Type 2 Diabetic and I wanted to gain control of my sugar. I hit my goal weight in about 5 and half months and I feel fabulous. The procedure has completely changed my life for the better because it has empowered me as a middle aged woman that I can really do everything and anything that I want to do. I don't put an age on anything. I don't say I'm too old for something.

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