Health Problems Associated with Obesity

When searching for the optimal weight loss option for you it’s keen to remember that losing weight goes beyond simply improving physical image and waist size, it directly affects your health and ongoing quality of your life.

Obesity can pose serious health risks.
Obesity can pose serious health risks.

Here is a list of conditions that obesity can greatly enhance the percentage of developing:

Enlarged Heart: This cardiovascular condition can arise because of the increased workload the heart must endure, resulting in a thickening of the muscle fibers that comprise the heart. This can lead to heart attack and a series of severe cardiovascular problems.

Congestive Heart Failure: This occurs when the heart is so overworked that it cannot properly pump blood evenly to all of the body’s vital organs. This is incredibly severe, but preventable.

Menstrual Problems: Obesity can at times disrupt a normal menstrual cycle, causing erratic flow, heavy flow, and sometimes significant pain.

GERD (Gastris Reflux Disease): Many of us have probably seen drugs like Prilosec and Prevacid that act as proton pump inhibitors to counteract painful heartburn like symptoms. The chances this condition can be developed – beyond eating, drinking and smoking habits – are greatly increased by a high BMI and prolonged obesity.

Fatty Liver: This occurs when fat accumulates in the liver and can cause inflammation that can lead to irreversible scarring on the liver and even possibly liver cancer. Fatty Liver is more common in obese people than those with a healthy BMI.

Osteoarthritis: This condition is the gradual wearing, sometimes completely, of various joints throughout the body due to the pressure of heightened weight for prolonged years of activity.

Sleep Apnea: This is characterized by interruptions in breathing patterns during sleep, sometimes missing many breathes throughout the night.

Obviously, obesity is not a choice for many, and years of dieting and exercise can sometimes fail to yield true improvements to overall health. It is important to eat right, care about what and how much you intake, a proper regimen of activity, a healthy regimen of vitamins and aspirin (if recommended by your physician), and to seek help in fighting obesity. Be in good health.

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Health Problems Associated with Obesity


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Lost 76lbs