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Dr. Cussatti’s 6 Rules for Success After Bariatric Surgery

The surgery has presented you with a renewed vision of life without the excess weight. This is now your time to take that path to taking control. The greatest impact you can have on your weight loss results following bariatric surgery will now be from making lifestyle changes. In the beginning, it will take a level of conscious determination. I assure you, with consistent practice it will become a part of your routine. Here are my golden rules to long term success following bariatric weight loss surgery:


  1. Stick to 3 meals a day and limit snacking. Set your intention to eat balanced meals on schedule. Setup a routine where you have dedicated time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This will help you gain control of your appetite and keep track of food intake. Snacking will not leave you with the sensation of satiety- feeling full. Mindless snacking can add hundreds of calories without even noticing so I recommended limited snacking to stay within your daily caloric intake.


  1. Minimize consumption of the 5 bad carbs (pasta, potatoes, bread, rice and sweets). I like to call pasta, potatoes, bread and rice “white carbs”. These processed carbohydrates will convert into sugars. The sugars from sweets and white carbs provide low nutritional value, have high glycemic index which quickly elevate blood sugar levels and are high in calories. I recommend minimizing your consumption of refined carbs and sweets so that sugars from these foods do not contribute to weight gain.


  1. Minimize consumption of liquid, pureed or blenderized foods and minimize eating and drinking together. I would like to use the example of orange juice to explain this concept. To make a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, it takes roughly about 3 oranges. If you were to eat the orange instead, you could be full within 1 and a half, maybe 2 oranges. This process of juicing discards some filling nutrients such as fiber. When the volume of liquid is increased, so too does the calories and consumed sugar from the juice. Minimize the consumption of liquid, pureed or blenderized foods by enjoying the product whole. What you eat and drink together should also be minimized. With the new configuration of the stomach and intestine, it is advisable to drink liquid in between meals to prevent the uncomfortable symptoms of dumping syndrome such as abdominal cramping, nausea and vomiting.


  1. Chew each bite 12 times and take 30 minutes for mealtime. Enjoy your meal by taking the time to eat and chew. You might even notice you’re eating less. Slow eating and small bites make processing the food easier in the digestive tract and this will also aid in minimizing the occurrence of dumping syndrome. So go ahead, savor each bite.


  1. Exercise 20-30 minutes daily. Don’t forget your commitment to a healthy lifestyle is more than just eating right. Exercise at least 20 minutes every day. Initially, you may have to build up to your target workout time so start with 10 minutes and increase your workout time in increments with each additional workout. Exercise can be made convenient too. From anywhere, you can incorporate the New York Bariatric Group Virtual Health Platform (VHP) to access unlimited workouts and support online. You should contact New York Bariatric Group if you would like to get started on joining the VHP workout platform.


  1. Maintain regular follow up with your bariatric surgeon. We want to see you starting within the week of and multiple times throughout the year following your procedure. Consistent follow up will help you stay on track and address any challenges or concerns you may be facing. We are your support system and follow up visits provide an opportunity to celebrate your successes!


Recognize that the procedures are a tool and incorporating good lifestyle habits are vital for overall success. Revisit these rules to reinforce the concepts as needed. If you ever feel like you are losing control, remember that we are here to provide with you will all the support you need.


Together, we’ve got this!

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