Being overweight during pregnancy

During pregnancy, being overweight or obese can cause health problems for both the mother and her baby.

The March of Dimes Foundation—a nonprofit whose mission is to improve the health of pregnant mothers and their babies—warns that being overweight or obese while pregnant could result in higher blood pressure, blood clotting issues, a longer hospital stay, C-section, miscarriage, urinary tract infection, premature birth, and more.

A recent study looked at the children of formerly obese women who underwent bariatric surgery. Researchers tested blood samples from children born before their mother underwent bariatric surgery and blood samples from children born after their mother had bariatric surgery. The results? The study concluded that children born after their mother lost the extra weight may have better heart health.

This means that a mother’s weight during her pregnancy can affect her children’s chances of becoming obese or being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

We strongly encourage women planning to become pregnant to talk with their doctors about their state of health before becoming pregnant. Obesity and being overweight have long-term and immediate consequences.

To determine if you qualify for bariatric surgery, take our BMI (Body Mass Index) quiz:

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Being overweight during pregnancy


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