A Lesson for Teachers – Summer’s the Best Time to Lose Weight!

When it comes to living healthier, most of us would love to lose as much weight as we can as quickly as possible. With weight-loss surgery, you can lose weight and keep it off for 12 years!

Even better, now is the best time for teachers to lose weight. Summer is almost here, which means you have June, July, and August to reach a healthy BMI with all the tools to maintain it during the school year – and for many years to come! The best part? You still get to enjoy every bit of your summer.

How is this possible? The most successful method for long-term weight loss: bariatric surgery. Read on to learn more!

Why Now?

While most people think about losing weight before summer arrives, there’s actually no better time for teachers to change their lives. Why? Since the school year is over, they have 3 months to focus on taking care of themselves!

Successfully losing weight and keeping it off long-term is no small feat; it requires commitment, hard work, and a strong support network – qualities teachers have in spades! They’re no strangers to putting in extra effort for a job well done and know how to band together to help one another succeed.

And thanks to the extra time off, you can devote the energy and effort needed to live healthier without interrupting your summer plans.

NYBG wants to help teachers make the most out of this opportunity, which is why we’re providing a special opportunity for education professionals interested in our weight-loss procedures. There’s no time like the present to start your journey!

Why Weight-Loss Surgery?

It’s Effective

Bariatric procedures like the sleeve gastrectomy and the gastric bypass, are proven to be the best way for patients to lose weight and keep it off long-term.

The New England Journal of Medicine published a study that found gastric bypass patients maintained their weight loss 12 years after their procedure! Along with weight-loss maintenance, patients experience less joint pain, helping them stay active, and improving their emotional outlook.

The gastric bypass isn’t the only way to lose weight, other procedures are just as effective. On average, the gastric sleeve helps patients lose anywhere from 55 to 70% of their excess weight with limited downtime. It is also considered to be a solution for type 2 diabetes and helps improve or resolve other weight-related conditions like joint pain, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure.

It Sets You Up for Long-Term Success

We experience hunger because of certain hormones that the body produces when you haven’t eaten in a while. The stomach generates ghrelin – the hunger hormone – which signals the brain to tell us that we need to eat. Obesity increases the production of ghrelin, making people feel hungrier more frequently. At the same time, it reduces the production of leptin – the “fullness” or satiety hormone – which decreases how often people feel full and satisfied.

Bariatric surgery removes or bypasses the portion of the stomach that creates the hunger hormone while helping the body produce healthy levels of leptin again. So, not only do patients need to eat less, they feel full more often!

Along with feeling fuller, if you choose weight-loss surgery, it’ll be easier to maintain your lower weight. These procedures reset your metabolism, lowering what’s known as your “set point.” That means your body naturally works to keep you at a lower weight than you were before surgery!

It Lets You Live Your Life

Weight-loss surgeries were designed knowing how precious time is for patients.  Thanks to minimally-invasive techniques, many patients experience a shorter recovery period. For example, gastric sleeve patients often only spend one night in the hospital after surgery and are back to work within 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the strenuousness of their job.

After their procedure, patients need to change their eating habits to accommodate their smaller stomachs, starting with liquids as they slowly work their way back to eating solid foods. However, unlike diets, bariatric surgeries don’t restrict meals, they teach you to eat better and live healthier! Patients focus on eating proteins first, then any other nutrients they may need to fuel their body, and supplement their meals with vitamins as necessary. This means you still can enjoy your favorite flavors in moderation.

Instead of spending time depriving yourself of delicious food, attempting ineffective diets, or devoting time to recovery, weight-loss surgery gets patients back to their routine with all the tools for long-term success.


Since 2000, NYBG has helped thousands of patients lose weight and live healthier – and now we have a special deal for teachers. Teachers who get started with us this summer will receive priority appointments!

Coming to NYBG means coming to the safest practice with care from a team of the best weight-loss surgeons! All the experts you need to see before your surgery are all in house – surgeons, dietitians, cardiologists, psychologists, and more – and they’re all devoted to your success! They’re available whenever you need them, and they can help you prepare for your surgery by scheduling all of your work-up appointments in just one day, under one roof.

In addition to having the best team in the country, we provide all the premier procedures and can help you find the one that fits your lifestyles and needs. Depending on how much weight you want to lose, your health, and other factors, we offer both surgical and non-surgical options. Our physicians are experts in every option, ensuring that patients receive only the best care possible.

Even outside of the office, our patients have access to our wealth of weight-loss resources. We have online and in-person seminars, a patient portal, videos discussing procedures and lifestyle tips, and even a store with meal options and supplements.

There’s no reason to wait another moment, get started with NYBG today!


When it’s time to start a successful weight-loss journey, it’s time to call NYBG! We’re the best practice around and our numbers prove it:

  • 13 skilled surgeons who are leaders in bariatrics
  • 15,000 successful procedures performed with more every day
  • The #1 gastric balloon practice by volume – most balloons placed in the United States
  • 24/7 access to online seminars
  • 100s of videos for patients explaining procedures, answering common questions, and showcasing previous patients
  • Multiple offices located in three states; NY, NJ, CT
  • Since 2000, we boast 18 years of success!

Our commitment to patient success and excellence has earned us accreditation from the Metabolic Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP). This prestigious achievement recognizes only the top bariatric practices. Stop waiting; start achieving better health today.

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A Lesson for Teachers – Summer’s the Best Time to Lose Weight!


Lost 145lbs

Thomas' success story

I went in for surgery. An hour later, I came out a new man.

Everybody treated me like a king. The day of surgery, I was excited. The hospital couldn’t be any nicer. I went in for surgery. An hour later, I came out a new man. My recovery was awesome. I was out of bed that day. My wife and kids were my motivation on getting this surgery. They are my whole life. I’m happy I’m going to be around for them.

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Lost 76lbs

Nicole's success story

I hit my goal weight ... and I feel fabulous

I had the gastric bypass. I am Type 2 Diabetic and I wanted to gain control of my sugar. I hit my goal weight in about 5 and half months and I feel fabulous. The procedure has completely changed my life for the better because it has empowered me as a middle aged woman that I can really do everything and anything that I want to do. I don't put an age on anything. I don't say I'm too old for something.

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Lost 76lbs

Robert's success story

I was tired of the way I looked. I was tired of the way I felt.

I knew if I didn't change something soon, I was going to be in a lot of trouble. The consultation process was a lot easier than I expected. I was met with open arms. I was treated like I was the only patient here. Not only did they answer all of my questions, they had questions for me to make sure I was the right candidate for the surgery. After surgery and that weight started dropping off, my life started changing for the better.

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Lost 92lbs

Samantha's success story

I feel like a completely different person.

I had the gastric sleeve procedure. The driving factor behind me getting this procedure was my health. I didn't feel good physically or mentally. I had joint pains, even standing was difficult sometimes. Emotionally, this surgery completely turned my lif