The New York Bariatric Group is proud to have the only AAASF certified endoscopy suite in the office of a bariatric surgery practice in New York State.  By having the endoscopy suite right in the office we can quickly diagnose and treat and problems you may develop before and after surgery.  The exerts at The New York Bariatric Group have one of the largest endoscopy experiences in the area related to bariatric surgery.

Instead of referring our patients to gastroenterologists with little knowledge of the anatomy of bariatric surgery patients, one of the experienced bariatric surgeons at The New York Baraitric Group will perform your endoscopy in the privacy of our own office, which is much more efficient than a hospital.

We perform endoscopy through the mouth as well as colonoscopy to screen for polyps and cancer in patients over the age of 50, with a family history of colon cancer, change in bowel habits, as well as rectal bleeding.

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New York Bariatric Group