Membership Has It’s Benefits

As a member of our family at The New York Bariatric Group you may participate in several exclusive NYBG Premier Services, all in effort to provide you the best and most complete before, during and after bariatric surgery assistance.

Bariatric Surgery Patient Portal

New York Bariatric Group offers patients online access to the practice as well as many online tools for you and your family to keep up with your own success. Patients are able to requests change of appointments online, email staff members, purchase diet supplements, foods and beverages. To keep up to date with what’s new in these services and tools we encourage every patient to subscribe to our Newsletter.

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Fast – Track Program

The fast track program is for patients that decide they want to have bariatric surgery right away.  Often when patients decide they want to have bariatric surgery, they also want to have it performed within a few weeks, instead of many months that are usually required prior to having surgery due to hurdles put in place by insurance companies.  Most patients that enter the fast track program have already had insurance approval elsewhere. Alternatively, they would like to seek patient financing or pay cash for their procedure to have their bariatric surgery sooner and want to bypass some of the hurdles that some insurance companies require.

Some insurance companies make it very easy to obtain insurance approval, and these patients can also enroll in the fast-track program.  Patients who enter into the fast track program will come in and have a private consultation with Dr. Garber, Dr. Holover, or one of the other surgeons at The New York Bariatric Group. We will then assist them to expeditiously complete any required preoperative medical work-up. Patients will then return for a second visit and will be scheduled for their bariatric surgery shortly thereafter.  After surgery you will become a permanent part of our the New York Bariatric Group Weight Loss Program and you will be invited to follow-up in our after bariatric surgery care program as well as our bariatric surgery support groups to ensure that you continue to do well.

Mentorship Program

Many patients feel that they wish they has someone who went through the surgery to talk to, when struggling with lifestyle change issues after the surgery especially in the first several months after bariatric surgery. The mentorship program pairs a patient with a previous patient volunteer to provide that resource. As opposed to the public atmosphere of bariatric surgery support groups, this is one-on-one assistance and direct interactions with somebody who has been there, and done that.

Winner’s Circle Personal Coaching

Working with a select group of area fitness experts with an extensive background catering to the needs of bariatric patients in metamorphosis, The New York Bariatric Group is able to offer personal fitness and life coach services in select areas of Long Island and New York.  If you are interested learning more about this program please let any one of our patient counselors know of your interest.

* Fee Applies

At the New York Bariatric Group, we do far more than just perform bariatric surgery procedures. We do everything we can to ensure your after bariatric surgery success, and a healthier, happier and longer life. From bariatric surgery support groups, to fast track programs, mentorship and life coaching opportunities, and more. Call our office at 800.633.8446 to learn about how we provide after bariatric surgery care, support and assistance.

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