Post Bariatric Surgery Diet & After Bariatric Surgery Lifestyle Changes

Lose Weight on the New York Bariatric Group Long Term Surgical Weight Loss Program

Adjusting to your post bariatric surgery diet and lifestyle is one of the most important keys to your long-term success. Develop healthy daily habits based on eating in moderation that match your new body instead of failed eating patterns that can ultimately lead to poor health, fatigue, depression and attempts at binge eating. Making a commitment to lifestyle change will bring fast & substantial weight loss. Let us show you how.

Is permanent weight loss after bariatric surgery possible? Absolutely! But you aren’t going to find weight loss success by merely having restrictive weight loss surgery. Get thin quick schemes are a dime a dozen.  They are usually costly plans that promise fast weight loss. They work too – temporarily. The problem with fast weight loss plans alone is they are not long-term solutions to losing weight and keeping it off.

At The New York Bariatric Group in Long Island, Manahattan and Westchester we are the foremost specialists in revisional weight loss surgery in the United States. Our revisional surgery program is treatment for once successful weight loss patients who have regained their weight. Our program at the New York Bariatric Group sees patients from different bariatric surgery practices from all over the world that have failed. Because of our large experience in caring for these failed patients, we  have carefully crafted a pre-operative and post operative program that works to ensure long-term success. A comprehensive program that is much more than a list of do’s and don’ts, and it’s the difference maker in managing your lifestyle and health after bariatric surgery.

NY_Bariatric_031Sharon George, is our Certified Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian with the New York Bariatric Group. She has been specializing in Bariatric Nutrition since 2003. It’s Sharon’s responsibility to meet with each of the surgeon’s patients before surgery to help educate them on the special nutritional guidelines they will need to follow after bariatric surgery. In reality she becomes a patient’s personal dietitian. Sharon helps each patient in making appropriate post bariatric surgery diet changes to improve their nutritional lifestyle by guiding them in their meal patterns based upon their personal preferences, along with the specific procedure they underwent, such as the differences between post lap band diet and post gastric sleeve diet guidelines. Although every patient receives a comprehensive nutritional manual to use as a reference to whichever surgery they are having we recognize that in the beginning patients benefit from having someone that they can work with in selecting menu options. Here at the New York Bariatric Group they get that help. In Sharon own words “I try to meet with all our patients throughout their first year after having their surgery to make their experience positive and healthy.”

“I see my job as being part supporter, educator, cheerleader and friend to each of our patients as they start their weight loss journey. It gives me and everyone here at NYBG a great sense of satisfaction when we hear another one of our patients has been able to achieve their personal goals with our help.”

It’s just that kind of compassionate support and attention to detail and ongoing assistance after bariatric surgery that we have learned makes an invaluable difference in the lives of our patients. Despite their busy schedules, our surgeons personally monitor the progress that each patient is making and frequently check with Sharon to make sure that each patient is receiving the bariatric surgery diet and nutritional support they need to remain healthy and stay on track to success.

suppot_groupPost–operatively Sharon, along with the other patient support staff here at the practice continue that high level of care. Beginning after bariatric surgery for the first 4-6 weeks patients need special coaching to watch what to eat and avoid certain foods that will not be easily digested by their newly shaped stomach pouches. It also important that patients receive the proper vitamin and protein supplements which we make sure to provide them and are available in our online store.

During the first year after bariatric surgery, patients are rapidly losing weight and those that follow the program all do. Sharon makes sure that all patients receive full details on their dietary progression during their follow-up visits. There is no question that that weight loss surgery can be a life changing event in the lives of our patients but it requires a commitment to make long-term lifestyle changes that are not always easy for every patient. In those cases, the doctors and support staff are always available to our patients via email or phone.  We encourage HealthyWeightpatients to participate in one of our support groups led by one of the surgeons at The New York Bariatric Group, Sharon George, and Jean Rafferty. Additionally, Sharon and the entire staff are always available for one on one consultation when the need arises to ensure that every patient who wants to make a commitment to be successful after bariatric surgery will find the support they need to lose their weight. Patients have many options in their lives. We try to motivate our patients to realize that failure is not one of them.

After Bariatric Surgery Diet Guidelines

Post bariatric surgery diet guidelines are fully discussed with patients during their comprehensive nutritional evaluation prior to surgery.  Patients follow a Stage I diet for the first 4-6 week after surgery.  This includes all foods that are soft, mushy and/or pureed consistencies.  Examples for pureed foods are anything blended and smooth such as baby foods, fruitless yogurt, cottage cheese and hummus.  Soft/mushy foods include chopped up ground meats such as turkey, veal, chicken or pork, soft, white, flaky fish that is baked, broiled or grilled, scrambled eggs and egg whites.  Solid foods of all kinds should be completely avoided until weeks 4-6 or when the surgeon allows it.

This practice stresses the importance of good hydration, using non carbonated, decaffeinated, sugar free beverages.  We always promote good quality proteins to be consumed from day one after bariatric surgery.  High sugar and high fat foods are limited and very specific guidelines are provided to help equip patients with a clear-cut way to determine which foods are healthy for them to eat.  Fruits, vegetables, and high fiber foods are reintroduced after the first 3 months.  All patients get full details on dietary progression from Sharon at their follow up visits.

The New York Bariatric Group is fully dedicated to promoting high standards for nutritional health. That doesn’t mean that patients should not enjoy eating. The New York Bariatric Group weight loss program has been designed to help patients lose weight rapidly, but provide you with resources to help enjoy your new lifestyle by keeping the flavor and fun in eating. Each patient is given the option to enroll in our Store. We brought together great tasting meals and supplements for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks which can be ordered on our website. On our website you will find recipes you can prepare at home, and exchange suggestions with other New York Bariatric Patients in our member forums.

Tips to Avoid Feeling Deprived While Dieting (even before entering our program)
  • Learn and adhere to a sensible diet plan
  • Think lifestyle change rather than sticking with the diet mentality
  • Find new and exciting way to stay motivated
  • Indulge in your bariatric treats once in a while
  • Find enjoyment in activities other than eating
  • Reward yourself for reaching weight loss goals, but not with food.
  • Connect with friends and ask for support
  • Be accountable for your eating, even on your down days.
  • Eat small meals at specific schedules to avoid feeling hungry
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Create lighter versions of your favorite meals that you can enjoy eating

At the New York Bariatric Group, we emphasize your after bariatric surgery lifestyle, and provide you with all of the assistance and helpful information you need to succeed with a post bariatric surgery diet. It’s another way that we go above and beyond what you’ll find elsewhere. Contact us today or call 800.633.8446 to learn more about how we provide you with direct and ongoing support after bariatric surgery.