Mentorship Program

At the New York Bariatric Group “People Make the Difference.” Our bariatric surgeons, the medical weight loss counselors, the nutritionists, the nurses, the hospital team, clinical social workers, screening physicians, the health insurance specialists, physical therapists and fitness coaches represents the most experienced comprehensive group of its kind of any in the United States. To that we like to add one more group: Our Patients, the most vital group of all when it comes to post bariatric surgery success.

Dr. Holover and I are truly blessed. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to treat some of the most compassionate and giving individuals you might want to meet. In fact we would love for you to meet them. That is why a key component of our Free informational seminars is the opportunity to meet successful past patients of our practice. Out of this experience was born our very unique and exclusive mentorship Program, an invaluable opportunity which can be used to greatly increase success post-bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Mentorship Program

Many patients feel that they wish they had someone who went through the surgery to talk to, when struggling with lifestyle change issues post-bariatric surgery, especially in the first several weeks. The mentorship program pairs a patient with a previous patient volunteer to provide that resource.

Additional New York Bariatric Patient Support Groups & Programs
Winner’s Circle Personal Coaching

Working with a select group of area fitness experts with an extensive background catering to the needs of bariatric surgery patients in metamorphosis; The New York Bariatric Group is able to offer, in select areas of Long Island and New York, personal fitness and life coach services.  If you are interested in learning more about this program please let any one of our patient counselors know of your interest.

* Fee Applies

Bariatric Surgery Support Groups

Our Online bariatric surgery support groups and forums are fun, informative and are only a couple of clicks away 24/7.  Thousands of members make you feel like you’re with family. If you have not already registered on our website, the process is simple. Just click here.  It only takes about 2 minutes to complete the process and it well worth it. Involvement in bariatric surgery support groups can dramatically increase your chances of success. Meetings for our post bariatric surgery support groups are held regularly on Long Island and Manhattan as well as online video chat meetings.  Please register for the online support group meetings here.

With mentoring, life coaching and bariatric surgery support groups, your chances have a smoother and more successful experience are greatly enhanced, and it’s another way that the New York Bariatric Group does everything in our power to assist our patients.

New York Bariatric Group