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Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake for Post-Bariatric Surgery Diet

Get the chocolate you crave without straying outside of your recommended post-bariatric surgery diet. Check out the NYBG Chocolate Flavored High Protein Meal Replacement. Each scoop delivers just 150 calories, 27 grams of protein, and two dozen essential nutrients. Convenient, craveable chocolate, and a healthful addition to your lifestyle.

Your post-bariatric surgery diet will depend upon liquid nutrition in the weeks and months following your procedure. That’s where a flavorful and nutritious meal replacement shake such as this new chocolate flavored high protein mix from NYBG comes into play.

This meal replacement shake has been specially created to match your needs with a post-bariatric surgery diet. After bariatric surgery, you need to ensure you’re getting all of your vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, as well as the protein you’re missing from solid, hard to digest foods, and these shakes will help you accomplish that.

Throughout the rest of our online store, the New York Bariatric Group will strive to provide you with easy access to all of the essentials and must-haves that you need for your post-bariatric surgery. In addition to this chocolate flavor mix,  find other vitamins, supplements and flavorful and nutritious foods including protein bars, soups and oatmeal, drinks, snacks and more.

Directions Add 2 rounded scoops of powder to 8oz of cold water for use in your diet after bariatric surgery. Mix in a shaker cup or blender until dissolved. 2 Canisters Servings = 1 Week of usage for your post-bariatric surgery diet.

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