Chewable Multi Vitamin Supplement for Gastric Bypass Patients

Try the Bariatric Advantage Chewable Multi-Vitamin Supplement. It's perfectly formulated just for individuals who have undergone gastric bypass surgery. That means it's the go-to supplement for anyone living a healthier lifestyle and maintaining their recommended post-bariatric surgery diet. More than two dozen essential vitamins and nutrients all in one.

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Chewable Bariatric Vitamins & Supplements: Multi-Vitamin Supplement

These chewable gastric bypass vitamins and supplements are a key component of your gastric bypass diet plan. They have been specially formulated to match the unique nutritional needs of gastric bypass patients, and to fight against potential deficiencies due to an inability to digest, or intake, a variety of vitamins and minerals.

The New York Bariatric Group only recommends utilizing trusted brands and providers. Bariatric Advantage is one such company, and you’ll be able to rely on their expertise in creating nutrient-rich gastric bypass supplements. These multi-vitamins include over 25 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

These chewable gastric bypass vitamins are important to utilize with your gastric bypass diet plan. Just be sure to follow your surgeon’s specific instructions.

Directions For gastric bypass patients, take 2 tablets per day or as directed by your physician for your gastric bypass diet plan. Servings 3 Month Supply for consistent usage as directed in your gastric bypass diet plan.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 2 in

Nutrition Facts


Serving size: 1 table Servings per container: 180

Calories-0 Total Fat-0g Total Carbohydrates-0g Dietary Fiber-0g Sugar-0g Protein-0g

Vitamin A-5000IU Vitamin C-60mg Vitamin D3-667IU Vitamin E-250 IU Vitamin K-60mcg Vitamin B1 3mg Vitamin B2 1.7mg Niacin 25mg Vitamin B6 2mg Folic Acid 400mcg Vitamin B12 50mcg Biotin 150mcg Pantothenic Acid 5mg Calcium 50mg Magnesium 25mg Zinc 7.5mg Copper 67mcg Manganese 1mg Chromium 50mcg Molybdenum 37.5mcg Inositol 2.5mg Choline 1mg Vanadium 12.5mcg

Other ingredients: Chewable base (mannitol, fructose, starch, sodium bicarbonate), natural flavors, stearic acid, magnesium stearate and sucralose.