Cold & Hot Drinks

Delicious Post Bariatric Surgery Cold and Hot Drinks

Maintaining proper nutrition is crucial after bariatric surgery, and one of the main components of your post-bariatric surgery diet is going to be liquids. Right here in the New York Bariatric Group store, you’ll find easy access to dozens of different hot and cold drinks for a bariatric surgery diet. You’ll find tasty varieties of nutritious beverages which you can keep around and have any time, ensuring you get quality nutrients in a convenient and easy to digest form.

For hot drinks, you’ll find a variety of hot chocolate flavors, including cinnamon and raspberry. For cold drinks, you’ll find tasty flavors such as peach mango, pineapple orange, wild berry, lemon raspberry and strawberry kiwi, along with instant chocolate drink mixes. All of these will be excellent after bariatric surgery, offering you the vitamins and minerals you need the most in a tasty liquid drink. So find your favorite flavors and stock up on the hot and cold drinks you need for a nutritious post-bariatric surgery diet.

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