Blender Bottles

Protein and Meal Replacement Blender Bottles

Right here you’ll be able to buy cheap blender bottles to use with your bariatric surgery diet protocol. After bariatric surgery, in the weeks and months which follow, liquid nutrition and meal replacements are an essential component of the food you’re eating. Therefore, a convenient tool or accessory such as a blender bottle will really come in handy.

With a blender bottle, you’ll always be able to mix your meal replacement or protein powder with water. Whether you’re at work, running errands, or away from the home for any other reason, simply choose your favorite meal replacement flavor you’ve been using for your post bariatric surgery diet and mix it up in just a few seconds. These cheap blender bottles provide a quick and easy solution, by incorporating a steel whisk-like ball inside the bottle, allowing you to mix up your meal replacements on the move.

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