What You Need to do Before Bariatric Surgery?

There are many things that you can do prior to surgery to prepare. Control of your body and weight is the very first step! You have already accomplished this because you are on the road to making one of the best decisions of your life…to improve your quality of life –  Bariatric surgery. Surgeons advise patients to follow good nutrition by consuming a variety of quality foods, staying well hydrated, getting good sleep and .

Your Vitamin & Mineral Needs After Bariatric Surgery

In order to prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies, you will be on supplements for the rest of your life.  Your body is now going to be consuming less food and will not absorb nutrients as well as prior to surgery.  It is important to follow a regimen and stick to it, in order to prevent problems down the road.  General recommendations are as follows: Beginning the first day after surgery and continuing everyday, each .

Your Protein Needs After Bariatric Surgery.

Patients that have undergone weight loss surgery have different nutritional needs than other people.  Some surgery may inhibit absorption of nutrients, but all surgery is successful because it helps control portion size.  Post-operatively you will only be able to consume very small amounts of food three times a day at meal time.  This restriction makes it imperative that the foods being consumed are appropriate to provide the necessary nutrients for your body daily. Protein .

Post-Surgery Bariatric Tips and Must-Do’s

Smile and relax!  You have just given yourself the very best gift you can ever give yourself- more years of healthy living!  So, now the tough part is over.  You anticipated your surgery date and how it would go.  Now you are home, and are ready to learn how to start living with this awesome gift!  It may not be easy everyday, but you now have a full proof portion controller in your body .