Lemon Lime Chewable Iron

Lemon Lime Flavored 60mg Chewable Iron with Vitamin C

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It can be difficult to get the iron your body needs with your diet after bariatric surgery. That’s why we recommend taking an iron supplement, such as these Bariatric Advantage Lemon-Lime Flavored Chewable Iron supplements, delivering 60mg of Iron with Vitamin C. A great choice for your post-bariatric surgery nutritional program.

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Chewable Lemon Lime Iron & Vitamin C Gastric Bypass Supplements

It’s very important that patients maintain proper nutrition after bariatric surgery. With an altered diet, and a body which may be processing foods differently, gastric bypass supplements and vitamins are an essential component of your new lifestyle.

Here, you’ll find lemon lime flavored chewable iron and vitamin C gastric bypass supplements made by Bariatric Advantage, a brand we highly recommend. Tasty and convenient, you’ll receive two of the most important nutrients you and your body need, helping to boost your overall nutritional intake and maintain your health.

At the New York Bariatric Group online store, we carry a wide array of gastric bypass vitamins, supplements and other nutritional products, including foods and drinks. Please feel free to take a look around and find the products you need to stay healthy after bariatric surgery and continue to experience great success with your weight loss.


Take one tablet daily or as directed by your physician after bariatric surgery.


3 Month Supply of iron and vitamin C gastric bypass supplements.

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