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  • Sale! Soy Snacks BBQ

    Proti Snax Naturally Flavored BBQ Soy Snacks

    $15.00 $12.00

    Add some zesty barbecue flavor to your post-bariatric surgery diet. With Proti Snax Naturally Flavored BBQ Soy Snacks, you get one of your favorite flavor combinations in the form of a healthy and nutritious snack. Every serving has just 120 calories and 15 grams of protein, making it a smart everyday choice.

  • Sale! Soy Snacks Peanut Caramel

    Proti Snax Peanut and Caramel Coated Soy Snacks

    $15.00 $12.00

    Try Proti’s Peanut Caramel Soy Snack if you want a delicious treat. Only 120 calories per serving. It’s crunchy, sweet and savory, all in one delicious bite. It’s the perfectly delectable snack for your healthy post-bariatric diet. Best of all, you can eat it guilt-free, as it delivers the nutrition that your body needs.

  • Sale! Soy Snacks Sour Cream

    Proti Snax Sour Cream and Onion Soy Snacks

    $15.00 $12.00

    Imagine a healthy snack which doesn’t ruin your bariatric surgery diet, but actually helps you meet your nutritional requirements. Now imagine it’s tastier than you ever dreamed such a nutritious snack could be. Open your eyes, and here you go — the Proti Snax Sour Cream and Onion Soy Snacks, perfectly crafted for your body and your post-bariatric surgery diet.


Buy Snacks for a Post-Bariatric Surgery Diet

Finding tasty and nutritious snacks for a bariatric surgery diet is easier than ever here at the online store from the New York Bariatric Group. We have a variety of different snacks and convenient premade gastric bypass recipes for you to choose from, and all of them have been carefully tailor-made to your unique nutritional needs while you’re following a bariatric surgery diet.

We only provide products from trusted brands and manufacturers, such as Proti Snax. Their line of snacks for a post-bariatric surgery diet all include high protein levels, with low calories, and additional nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Right now, you can find their crunchy soy snacks in several flavors, including sea salt, chili, chili and lime, and BBQ. All of them are great snacks you can just eat on their own, but they can also be easily added to other gastric bypass recipes as well.

So enjoy the selection of snacks for your post-bariatric surgery diet and feel free to browse the rest of our store, with more gastric bypass recipes, protein bars, foods and drinks, as well as vitamins and supplements.